Why User Authentication is Important for your Application

Today we are excited to announce one of the final core features we wanted to roll out as part of the first major release of the BrightWork platform. Security is a vital component of most applications and their ability to provide users with segmented access. It has been something we have been working on for a while, but one we wanted to ensure was rolled out properly. User authentication and authorization is something that is very important so we wanted to ensure it was built to complement our current offering in a way that the community would find valuable.

BrightWork security allows developers to secure their application data and endpoints using role based access control policies. While more can be done to secure an application, such as two factor authentication (2FA). Brightwork security adds the foundational feature(s) developers need to ensure their applications and data stay safe and secure. These settings can give each user of the application a customized experience in which their access is either widened or limited based on the role based policies the developer has setup for the application. While all of this may seem like common knowledge for a seasoned developer, it can be a daunting task for a less experienced one. While some applications allow complete anonymous access and require little or no security, most applications require a way to partition users to provide access in a more controlled way.

We at BrightWork continue to be committed to building out features that our community finds valuable and hope that you provide us with the feedback we need to help provide a platform that can help scale your applications.

You can read more about BrightWork Security and how it can help your application at http://www.brightwork.io/#!/docs/main/security

Josh Carter

CEO/Co-Founder @ BrightWork (Techstars Chicago '16), ex-Twilion, Father, US Navy Vet.

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