BrightWork Day One

It's been a few days since we had our public beta launch and I don't think we ever thought we would get the response we've been getting. From the press in publications like TechCrunch, Portland Business Journal, or Built In Chicago, to being one of the top hunts on Product Hunt, the response has been amazing and overwhelming.

BrightWork hitting #3 on PH for Aug. 1st

When Phil and I started this journey we had a number of assumptions. We knew there existed this need to build a platform that could help Developers who may know the frontend piece really well, but may not want to spend a lot of time on the backend. It's not that the backend of an application is any less important. It's just that these tasks take up a lot of time and are often a hinderance to building a very compelling user experience (UX/UI).

One of the key features we have been thinking about is how we can offer a way to switch between APIs. When we did discovery with a number of our early alpha users, they consistently told us how much of an arduous task it was to move from something like Stripe to Braintree when they were just using something simple like transactions. They had to spend a lot of time removing the API dependancies then build them all back in using the new API they wanted to use. This takes up a lot of time and eats away at a business' bottom line.

Another key component has been the thought around version control. If someone updates their API it shouldn't break an application's functionality. FaceBook is pretty famous for this where they'll change the functionality of a feature and it ends up having a significant impact on the application. All of this impacts the user experience in a way that, we think, should not be so challenging to solve.

So here we are at the first week of our official open beta launch and we feel as though the road ahead is wide open with so many paths we can take. We are genuinely thrilled and excited to see what the community builds. We want our community to tell us what we're doing right. What we're doing wrong. Most important, we want our community to help guide the next iteration of BrightWork. This product exists because of the incredible work Developers do every day to change the way we live and interact through technology. We are facilitators for that change and want the conversation about how we can help to be two-way. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you feel as though you're having issues or would just like to chat. If you can't catch my attention on Twitter, you are always welcome to email me at josh (at) brightwork (dot) io.

Happy building!

Josh Carter

CEO/Co-Founder @ BrightWork (Techstars Chicago '16), ex-Twilion, Father, US Navy Vet.

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